Artswells Here We Come...

I'm pretty excited to be heading up to Artswells Music Festival today! It will be my first jaunt into the interior of Canada. I'll be playing a set this year with my good friend and talented musical-partner-in-crime Brandon Hoffman. Our project, Lily of the Valley, will take to the stage aroudn 5:30 Saturday evening. I can't wait!

I've posted below a little song we recorded earlier this year.

To the North we go!




A Midwest Adventure...

I realize I've been quite a slacker with the blog here lately. My sincerest apologies, dear friends. I've been busily etching away at my dissertation research and exploring places I've never been. I recently embarked on a road trip that took me to four states I'd never laid eyes on before; Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.

I flew into Minnesota where I was picked up by Riccardo (blog world, meet Riccardo - Riccardo, welcome to the blog). After exploring all of the sights in Minneapolis, we made our way to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Pure Michigan, that is) for a few days before heading down to Chicago (via Sheboygan, Wisconsin; oh Sheboygan...) for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Overall it was an absolutely wonderful adventure through the Midwest. (sigh..) I just love a good road trip.

Stuck outside Chicago in Friday evening traffic, I put on the song below. Sufjan Stevens, your music was made for moments like this.

Hooray for the summer. Enjoy!

ps: i promise to be more timely with my future blog posts. thanks for your patience. i've been distracted by the sunshine. xo

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Sunny With a Chance of Laser Tag...

Vancouver has been showing off all of its summer glory these past few days. The weekend forecast shows more sunshine with a chance of hiking and laser tag. It's bound to be a good one!

I was washing dishes and dancing around in the kitchen last night to the song below. Paolo Nuntini has some kind of soul. Dad, I think you're going to like this one. 

Friday is here! Enjoy!


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Tofino: A Weekend in the Rainforest...

This past weekend I packed up my car, grabbed a few friends, and headed to Vancouver Island for a Botanical Garden wedding in Tofino. This part of of the world is simply magical; the Pacific breeze, the rainforest trees, and the miles upon miles of running and hiking trails. We lodged at the Botanical Gardens; watched one of my favorite people tie the knot; and explored all the natural beauty that Tofino, Mears Island, and Ucluelet has to offer. This may very well be my absolute favorite wedding to date. It was an honor being a part of such a lovely celebration. Until next time, Tofino!

I've posted a little Mutual Benefit tune below.  I can't wait to see these fellas at Pitchfork. Less than one week until I am Midwest bound (!!)

Vancouver is a beauty today. Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday, America...

I awoke this morning (like every morning) resting on the pillow above. Ray Charles was singing the song below to me when my clock radio alarm went off at 6:00 am. America; I kind of love that place to pieces.

To Tofino I go. 

Happy Birthday, America! Enjoy!


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