New Album: One Hand on My Heart out 08.06.2019

We have a release date.

Repeat: We have a release date!!

It sounds like I’m breaking out of jail, and perhaps in some ways I am. These songs have been locked up and under wraps for so long they began to forget what the sunshine felt like. All of that is about to change:


That’s the date. That’s the date we’re setting these tunes free and letting this jailbird sing.

More details to come. Stay tuned…


WUWF Radio Live

My goodness Radio Live was a wonderful time last night!! I had been dreaming for some time of playing this show. A HUGE thank you to WUWF for inviting me on and to Brandon Bostic for joining me. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful audience. Mark Davidson from Pensacola Videography put the video below together. Thank you so much, Mark. What a special night! 


WUWF RadioLive - Tanya Gallagher from Pensacola Videography on Vimeo.


Mid-Day Break...

Some days a 10 minute mid-day break is all that is needed to take a breath, collect thoughts, and regroup. This is that for me. It's amazing I still have a blog after all of these years. A little neglected, yes, but a much appreciated space even still. A place to take a breath, collect my thoughts, and regroup. Some days that's all any of us need.

Perhaps a little James Vincent McMorrow is needed as well. Yes, I think so.



Hello Again, Hurricane Season...

As a product of my Florida upbringing, June 1st marks a very special day in my calendar: the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Now, I'm not one to celebrate disaster or to wish a hurricane upon any community, but I am one to preach hurricane preparedness and education about what to do in the event of an emergency.

My dad spent a good chunk of this past winter adding to and building up the seawall along our family home, knowing that it wouldn't take much of a storm-surge to cause a flooding event along Escambia Bay. Living on the water comes at a cost. Warm moist air, light winds, and water temperatures over 80 degrees fahrenheit are all of the ingredients you need to make a hurricane. For all of my Florida friends out there, be sure to visit the State of Florida's Essential Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

On a related (but nerdy-NASA-loving) note, this past December NASA launched the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System  which will help improve hurricane forecasting by better understanding interactions between the sea and the air near the core of the storm. In addition, it will supply forecasters with an updated image of the storm every 12 minutes. Oh boy, we've come a long ways since those hurricane tracking charts every Floridian was taught to use in the 2nd grade. A long way indeed.

And what you thought was a hurricane was just a rustling of the wind... (funny to think I posted this very same thing 6 years ago. Life is just one big cycle).

Stay safe down there, y'all!



Rain Showers and Cherry Blossoms: A Musical Guide for Late Spring...

It was an unusually (or perhaps not-so-unusually) wet winter here in the Pacific Northwest. As a southern girl hailing from a state that prides itself on warm weather and sunshine, these last few months have been tough and I'm ready for blue skies and rising temperatures. 

Several weeks back I went on a road trip with an incredible group of folks, and as it usually does, my time spent playing DJ in the car rekindled my love for sharing music with others. Last November's Hot Tea and Sweater Weather: A Rainy Day Musical Guide post received such a warm response that I decided to create another list of tunes that have been playing through my head as of late (note: the Spotifiy playlist link can be found below). Without further adieu, here are the Rain Showers and Cherry Blossoms songs that have been my soundtrack for this season of life:

  1. Leif Vollebekk: Vancouver Time - This album is one of my favorites of 2017 thus far. Sometime songs give you that feeling of falling in love; this entire record does that for me. This one will be clearly time stamped in my life. Indeed it is Vancouver time.
  2. First Aid Kit: King of the World - There's a third part harmony there in that chorus that I go for every time. Do I hit it every time? Meh. Do I smile every time? You bet I do.
  3. Josh Garrels: Pilot Me - My prayer in life. Genuine and beautiful. Over the waves and through every sorrow; Savior please pilot me... 
  4. The Revivalists: Catching Fireflies - This tune reminds me of late nights back home spent at the Vinyl dancing (or not dancing) with some of my favorite people. This New Orleans group never ceases to make me smile.
  5. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Man on Fire - I have to admit there's a little skip in my step as I amble down Broadway listening to this song. And for whatever reason, I just love that music video.
  6. James Taylor: Little David - Dad. James Taylor always reminds me of evening hours spent in the garage with Dad hovering over the record player testing me on who sings what song.
  7. James Taylor: Mescalito - As a young girl, Dad pointed out these three songs as a genius album sequence.
  8. James Taylor: Dance - I must agree. They are great. And One Man Dog will forever be one of my favorite albums of all time because in my mind it will forever be tethered to those late nights spent with dad.
  9. Aofie O'Donovan: Stanley Park - James sent me this song months and months back. I think of running the seawall every time I listen to it. 
  10. Melanie: Brand New Key - Mom loves this song. And if you know my mother, you probably get why; it's just fun. And let's face it, Mom, you're pretty fun.
  11. Suzanne Vega: Tom's Diner - I first heard her name while traveling in the countryside of the Czech Republic. Sitting around the campfire we didn't speak the same language, but I realized that when I sang none of that mattered. I finished my song and a little Czech man turned to me and said, "Suzanne Vega. You are Suzanne Vega."
  12. The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize?? - "And if I were a man I'd wear a 3-piece suit and it'd be covered in blood and I'd be Wayne Coye of The Flaming Lips..."
  13. Jon Foreman: March (A Prelude to Spring) - Jon and his march. This man really knows how to capture the melody of a season.
  14. Hurray for the Riff Raff: Look Out Mama - Ohhh, hearing this just makes me want to return home to the South. To walk barefoot along the shores of the Bay. Past the alligators I hardly see but know are there. All the while waving away the mosquitos with one hand while waving hellos to the neighbors with the other. 
  15. Wilco: One Sunday Morning - A conversation in song. A diatribe set to music. It's beautiful.
  16. Punch Brothers: Julep - I have distinct memories of wandering aimlessly around campus last Spring while listening to Julep on repeat. It's funny the places a song can take us and how far from those places we can come.
  17. Lake Street Dive: You Go Down Smooth - If her voice doesn't do something for ya, I just don't know what will.
  18. John Mayer: Who Says - It's been a long night in Austin too. I'm heading for you soon, Texas...
  19. Courtney Marie Andrews: How Quickly Your Heart Mends - "Go on and forget, act like we never met. Leave with your new friends. How quickly your heart mends..."
  20. Sleeping at Last: Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Just be yourself and the folks you are meant to find will find you...
  21. Cake: Short Skirt/Long Jacket - I am constantly shocked by the number of Canadians I meet who have never been exposed to the musical stylings of Cake. These guys shaped my teenage years. I still text my brother lyrics to this tune out of the blue. Without hesitation he always texts the next line back. I miss you, Jeff.

I'll leave you for now with these twenty-one tunes as I eagerly and not so secretly hope for sunny days and rising temperatures.

I do hope you enjoy.