Month of Marathons...

It's a month full of marathons over here. I'm only 5 days away from running 26.2 miles in Victoria and I'm little more than just a bundle of nerves! The hours upon hours of miles I've logged these past 6 months will be put to the test. The months of training, the pre-race jitters, and the endless amount of encouragement from loved-ones will all culminate on Vancouver Island. Deep breaths. Long stretches. Just smile. The finish-line is almost in sight.

This past weekend I sneaked away on a little road trip to Oregon to cheer on Riccardo and his family at the Portland Marathon. The looming excitement of the big event on Sunday morning, the breathtaking waterfall trails of the Columbia River Gorge, the ideal autumn weather, and the nightly ice cream dates to Salt and Straw painted the perfect picture of the city for us. From the singing of the national anthem to the cheering on of the runners in the final stretch, I was simply delighted to be part of it all. Riccardo ran wonderfully and came in 31st overall with a time of 2:50:51. He made it look so simple as he rounded the last corner of the course smiling. Just a "training run" he says. He'll do it once again in Chicago next weekend. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such inspirational individuals. It makes me just that much more excited for Victoria! 

Jon Foreman kept me company for a good portion of my road trip this weekend.

Don't let the panic bring you down...

So much to do between now and the start line this Sunday. Enjoy!

ps: (the running picture above is not from the marathon, but instead of a little pre-race run we did - and yes, I am struggling to keep up with those fellas...)


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T-Minus Less Than Two Weeks...

My folks are coming up for another visit soon and I couldn't be more thrilled(!!)

T-minus two weeks until their arrival. Having them up here to cheer me on as I run my first full marathon is going to be some kind of wonderful. I can't wait!

I'm hoping for a week of beautiful skies and no rain while they're here. My fingers are crossed!

Speaking of, I'm reminded of the Blind Melon tune below. This is simply classic.

Let the countdown begin!! *shrills of excitement*


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The New Fall...

Today is first official day of Autumn. It's hard to believe that Summer has come and gone already. I feel that I have a hundred new photos to share with you from recent happenings that I've been too caught up in to take the time to stop and report back to you about. I'll do my best in the next few weeks. I promise.

This past weekend I headed out to Jericho Beach to soak up the last few rays of summer and snapped the photo above. The ocean, the mountains, the city; like no place I've ever been before. 

I've been in my office listening to Gregory Alan Isakov ever since my lab-mates left for the day. The song below along and may other wonderful people have me missing the Southeast. Oh, how I'm counting down the days to Christmas.

And with the sunrise we welcome the coming fall. Enjoy!


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The Breeze...

Labor day has come and passed which means the starts of yet another semester. Gone for now are the extra-hours of sleeping in on weekday mornings, the late night summer shenanigans, and the lengthy days of sunshine. Sigh... I'm so happy it's the weekend. 

Dr. Dog has been keeping me company in the car this week. Oh, the breeze.

Are you moving much too fast and the good times just don't last? If you're always on the go, make an angel in the snow and freeze...

Happy Weekend. Enjoy!


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Happy Birthday, Mackaroo...

Today is my dear friend, Mack's birthday. He's had his own category on the website for years and is the only person I've ever let take over my blog for a day. It's hard to believe it's been some 6 years, Mackaroo, but here we are! I scanned through my photos and highlighted some of my favorites above. You're a man of many talents and a million faces.

I thought a little tune by The Revivalists was appropriate for the day. 

Happy Birthday, Mackaroo. I'm glad to hear you're feeling pretty today.



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