One Hand On My Heart Is Now Available Everywhere

I'm beyond excited to say that my album One Hand On My Heart is now available everywhere. 

A lot went in to creating these songs and they are now yours.







Dark Side Now Available Everywhere

I'm thrilled to announce that the first single "Dark Side" from my new record is now available everyhwere! It's been a long time coming and it's finally out in the world. A special thanks to the 67 Kickstarter Backers who made this all possible! This song is for you!





New Album: One Hand on My Heart out 08.06.2019

We have a release date.

Repeat: We have a release date!!

It sounds like I’m breaking out of jail, and perhaps in some ways I am. These songs have been locked up and under wraps for so long they began to forget what the sunshine felt like. All of that is about to change:


That’s the date. That’s the date we’re setting these tunes free and letting this jailbird sing.

More details to come. Stay tuned…


WUWF Radio Live

My goodness Radio Live was a wonderful time last night!! I had been dreaming for some time of playing this show. A HUGE thank you to WUWF for inviting me on and to Brandon Bostic for joining me. I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful audience. Mark Davidson from Pensacola Videography put the video below together. Thank you so much, Mark. What a special night! 


WUWF RadioLive - Tanya Gallagher from Pensacola Videography on Vimeo.


Mid-Day Break...

Some days a 10 minute mid-day break is all that is needed to take a breath, collect thoughts, and regroup. This is that for me. It's amazing I still have a blog after all of these years. A little neglected, yes, but a much appreciated space even still. A place to take a breath, collect my thoughts, and regroup. Some days that's all any of us need.

Perhaps a little James Vincent McMorrow is needed as well. Yes, I think so.