Fieldwork and Friends..

Earlier this week I made a trip to the Fraser Valley to do a bit of fieldwork. Nothing makes a Tuesday like a bit of fresh air, some u-pick veggies and fruit, and getting to meet the loveable little ladies above. I'll definitely be going back out that way soon. Oh, the places research takes you.

I've posted below something I am quite excited to share with you. The talented cellist, my dear friend Ayla Green, was recently featured in a music video for the band Noiseheads. Ayla is simply delightful. Hearing her sweet cello wail always makes me smile.

It's time to go play in the mountains for a while. Enjoy!





Happy Birthday, Brando-Mando...

Today is a my dear, kind, and mega-talented friend, Brandon's, birthday. He's been quite the ambassador to Canada since I arrived. I'm not so sure this past year would have been as adventure-filled had it not been for this fella. I hope it's a splendid day for you, brando-mando. I look forward to making some music together soon!

Here's a little video from the man himself; Blocktreat...

Happy weekend. Enjoy!


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One Year Ago Today...


It's hard to believe that one year ago today Nicole and I pulled up to the border patrol station and crossed over into Canada. My what a year it has been! It seems like forever ago now that Oh My Love was released and that I packed up my car and headed north. The album launch party was by far one of my favorite nights in Pensacola. I am still so amazed and grateful for those who came out to celebrate the release of that project and say farewell for now. 

Much has happened since I arrived in Canada. It's been a year of growth and learning; song-writing and smiles; new and renewed relationships and understanding.

It's amazing what time can do. I've posted above a few of my favorite images from the past year. I've posted below a little tune by the lovely Ruth Moody; I'm happy to have been introduced to her music this year (thank you, you) ;) 

(sigh)... My soul is smiling. Enjoy!

ps: I submitted my first draft of my dissertation proposal to my adviser today! it seems so fitting that it occurred exactly one year to the day after I arrived. PTL!

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18 Miles Later...

Yesterday morning I ran farther than I've ever run before; 18 miles. What's funny is that I really shouldn't be too excited about it. I'm going to do the same next week, and then I'm set to complete nearly 20 miles the Sunday after that. It's hard not to be excited about training, even though I know it's just that; training. Honestly, that's the whole reason why I do this. It's not for the end goal, but instead for the adventure along the way. It'll be race weekend before I know it.

I was listening to the girls below while stretching in the living room yesterday afternoon. First Aid Kit, a foam roller, and sunshine streaming through the window; the perfect end to any long run. 

Hello, new week. Enjoy!


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Oh, Artswells...

This past weekend was the Artswells Festival. Retreating to the interior and leaving thoughts of the bustling city, phone service, and internet connection far behind truly made the weeekend some kind of special. Brandon and I had a downright fantastic time playing as Lily of the Valley. For everyone who made it out to our set, thank you so much. I'll be sure to let you know when the audio recordings from our session are posted. For now, allow me to explain the images above:

Photo 1: Situated in the Cariboo District of central British Columbia is the town of Wells (population: 245). For the last 11 years, for one weekend in August, this small historic mining town has been taken over by some 2000 artists, musicians, and hippies to host the Artswellls Festival. It's an absolutley magical little place filled  with the kindest of folks. 

Photo 2: Brandon, Joe, and I met in Williams Lake and caravanned up. These Canadian boys sure to have a thing for Tim Hortons. 

Photo 3: A soft patch of grass, a blanket, the music schedule, Steinbeck, and a pair of sandals; everything I needed for a perfect afternoon.

Photos 4 - 5: Visiting the town of Barkerville was like stepping back into 1874. That little church may very well be my new favorite spot in all of Canada.

Photo 6 - 7: Artswells tent village. It was absolutely lovely camping beneath the night sky of the empty northern hemisphere. 

Photo 8: Blocktreat (aka: Brandon Hoffman) was simply amazing on Saturday night. With special guests Graham Serl on drums, Shawn Stephenson on guitar, and Shayne Avec I Grec reciting poetry, it was by far my favorite Blocktreat set yet. Nicely done Brando-Mando!

Photo 9: Coddlefish Foxtrotter was one of the many gems I stumbled upon at this festival. Something about the honesty in his stage banter and the sincerity behind the words being sung instantly drew me in. I've posted a video for you below.

And just like that it was back to the city for this girl. I'll return again next year, Artswells. Until then...


ps: Joe, I don't know how you escaped having your picture taken this whole trip... you sneaky fella, you.  

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