Late Night Laundry with JJ Cale...


A few evenings ago, what was intended to be a quick trip downstairs to transfer my laundry from the washer to dryer turned into an impromptu musical lesson of sorts with my basement suite neighbor. After being welcomed in for a little guitar jam session, we began talking about some of our favorite songwriters. It was then that I was formally introduced to the records of JJ Cale. I've heard remakes of his tunes before, but the originials are pure genius. 

I reckon I should pop down and say hello to my neighbors more often.

Indeed I should.


ps: I had a blast last night playing at the Yale Songwriters Sessions (above).

Lydia Hol sure does know how to put on an event!


Equal, Even, Balanced...


A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions...

I've been finding myself in late night talks with dear friends and loved ones. Mulling over love and war and the sea in-between. Conversing about actions and reactions; gives and takes; opinions and ideas; yins and yangs. Finding that magical balance where your soul feels at home. I'm learning that it doesn't happen by chance; that it takes a fierce amount of work, patience, space and time. But it's worth it. It's worth finding the balance.

I stumbled upon this Josh Ritter song this evening. Oh, the articulateness.

And those socks. 

And give your love freely to whoever that you please, don't let nobody tell you bout the who you oughta be. And when you get damned in popular opinion it's just another damn of the damns not given...



Lost in the Light...

These past few weeks I've been reminded that though I may be tucked away up here in the Pacific Northwest, friendship knows no distance. I'm incredibly grateful. Thank the good Lord for Skype calls, text messages, snail-mail, octopus dinners, face-time, phone calls, long walks in the park, hikes in the forest, sports bars that serve hot-tea, and emails. And chocolate. AND music. We should always praise God for chocolate and music. Amen.

Let them see you, see you through all the hard things we've all got to do...

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Love Like That...

I'm not sure how my distant friend Logan Vath's April 2015 EP has only now registered on my radar. I stumbled upon it the other night and have been listening to it for days now. The tune below has been playing through my mind on repeat. I may be a little late but it's absolutely worth the wait.

Oh the wordsmith. Just lovely.




The Giant of Illinois...

Today is a very Giant of Illinois kind of day. I know that I've posted this tune before and so I went back to search for the time that I did. I found this post here. The picture in the August 2013 post made me smile. Literally just moments ago before coming over to the computer to blog for the day I took nearly the exact same photo for no reason at all. It's amazing how much and how little this apartment has change over these last two and half years. And so the journey continues. And so this is my home. 

Take it away, Andrew Bird.


ps: I realize that this could be a before and after post for that coffee table Angela and I redid. That seems like ages ago now. Angie, we need more projects together soon.