Drive. Run. Pray...

It’s amazing how forgetful I am sometimes. Not in an, “Oh, I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning or forgot I had an appointment today...” sort of way, but in a BIG way; in a, “Some things are just so awesome they should never be forgotten” sort of way. Well, I’m just me. And I forget sometimes. I take things for granted, but life always has a way of coming back around to remind me at the most (and sometimes the least) opportunistic moments that there certain things in life that are too important to be pushed to the wayside.

I was driving out to UWF last night to meet a friend for a run. I love night drives down open roads. I was listening to Kings of Leon just enjoying one of those moments. Those moments that you wish could go on forever, but you soon realize that the road isn’t long enough and your turn is at the next light. It was in this moment that things became a little clearer to me. Only for a split second, but clearer nonetheless. I came to the realization that prayer is the most powerful tool with which I am equipped. So simple, right? I know I should know this, but sometimes... I forget. I take for granted the power of prayer. And it hit me. In the plainest of moments; driving in my car jamming out to KOL.  Odd how things have a way of bringing themselves up. Mid-lyric I stopped and was just like, “Wow, you’re right! Hmmh. I forgot. Thanks for reminding me.”

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Movie Trailers...

I’m a sucker for movie trailers. I oftentimes find myself walking into a theater and getting really excited about watching the previews. By the time I get done viewing the sequence of forthcoming film clips, I often am no longer excited to see the movie that I just paid 9 dollars to come and watch. If I could pay that same money to just watch two hours of movie trailers on the big screen, I probably would.

This will explain why when I stumbled upon this movie trailer a few months ago, I thought it was brilliant!  I’ve probably viewed it at least 30 times already and have shown it to half a dozen or so of my friends. Nicole says that it’s the music that makes it, but I think it’s all about the concept. It’s genius!

So go fix yourself a bowl of popcorn, pull up a comfy seat, and enjoy!

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Summer Rain...

Today it not only rained it poured. What started out as a light shower quickly evolved into a cloudburst. Wonderful. Pure beauty. I noticed as I was heading downtown for my afternoon run that it was lightly sprinkling. The sky was a thousand shades of gray and a light mist was beginning to develop on my windshield, but Wilco and I kept trucking eastward towards 9th Avenue. A little water wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying my three mile path along the bay front. I laced up my sneakers, put in my headphones, and was soon running in rhythm to the tunes of Phoenix. What started as a refreshing mist on my face soon turned into pellets of water stinging my eyes. I loved it; drench clothes, soaked shoes, splashing in the puddles. I felt 7 years old all over again. It was absolutely refreshing. The perfect way to begin the week.

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The Tourist Classic....

So, we all have them. You know, that photo from your last family vacation, the one of you smiling wide while standing in front of the Grand Canyon; or that picture of you posing in front of a castle (a real castle!) from the first time you ever traveled abroad; or that one of you and your friend with that random person that you met that time you took that trip to that place that you still brag about to this day... That picture. The one that demonstrates the culmination of all of your enthusiasm and excitement captured by the camera. You know the photo: The Tourist Classic.

We all have them. And if you’re like me, you have multiple (tons) of them of you and friends standing in front of a hundred different places. These ‘tourist’ photos are infectious. They’re timeless. I've come to just embrace this artistic style of photography. This is why I was stoked when I received an email from my good friend Fritz entitled, “I thought you’d appreciate this one...” I opened the email and attached was a photo of him and his beautiful fiancé posed on the roof of some Virginian building exhibiting (you guessed it) The Tourist Classic. I do believe that he had the photo labeled as “The Tanya Classic,but let’s face it; The Tourist Classic is such a better title.

I’ve attached some Tourist Classics below.

 Feel free to share your Tourist Classic photos too.


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Heartbreak the Musical: Courtesy of Cyndi Thomson...

It is a wonderfully rainy day outside thanks to Tropical Depression Bonnie; perfect sheet-fort making weather. I drove home from Austin a day early to beat the rain, and now I find myself sitting in my house enjoying the thunderstorms outside my window. Driving home early ended up being a great decision. The only rain that I ran into on my drive home was in Mobile. The rest of the drive was quite nice. Almost fun, actually...  

Allow me to back up a bit and explain how a 10 ½ hour solo drive can ever be deemed “almost fun.” The night before I left, I was charging my iPod for my car ride home and decided to play a little game with my sister, Jessica. Now, what you have to understand about Jess is that she is the type of person who loves music. She has this talent for being able to hear just 3 seconds of a song, and then tell you exactly what song it is and who sings it. I find this so intriguing. That night while charging my iPod, I decided to try and stump her by playing a bunch of one hit wonders from the 90’s (thank you, Mack and Dave) to see if she could “Name that Band.” The bottom line is that she won and I failed, but more importantly, this led to us reminiscing about the music of our childhood. We discussed and listened to everything from the Black Crows to Mary Chapin Carpenter. We came across one album in particular that stuck out: Cyndi Thomson’s My World.

Now for those of you who know me well, you know that I do not listen to tons of country music. I don’t really listen to any country music for that matter. However, growing up, country music was (almost) all that was played in our house. This might account for why I have such a soft spot for Cyndi Thomson’s My World. After rediscovering the album the other night, I instantly bought it off of iTunes, and the next day Cyndi and I jammed for most of the 10 ½ hour drive home.

This album is one of my favorites partly (or mostly..) because it sounds as if some guy ripped poor Cyndi Thomson’s heart out, and she then decided to make an album commemorating that moment in time. This is why I’ve entitled this post “Heartbreak the Musical: Courtesy of Cyndi Thomson...” The thing that you have to understand about this album is that she writes these sad heartbroken songs, but somehow singing them just makes me so dang happy. (Sad songs that make you happy; now that is what I call a successful songwriter!)  Also, I want to point out that I do enjoy a nice love song (ehhh.. every now and again), but let’s face it, break-up songs are just so much more fun! And when I say break-up songs, I mean tasteful ones, unlike this (here) (Although it's kind of fun too, just unrealistic. Unless you're crazy...)  

Once you get past basic introductions (here), the album begins to tell of a love that Cyndi obviously lost. She sings of what had to have been the last straw before she finally called the whole thing off (here). Reminisces about all of the good time she and her man use to have together (a favorite of mine) (here). Sweetly tells of what she would do if he were hers (here). Jokingly says what she would change if he would just come back (here). Dreams of running into her lost love once more (here).  And then finally comes to terms that in the end sometimes all that you can do is let them go and wish them the best (here).

Kind of cheesy? Yes! Kind of awesome? Yes! I love it! This makes me smile every time :)  And for those of you who are wondering why the heck I just wrote a critique on a country album from 10 years ago... Remember, I had 10 ½ hours in a car by myself driving on the incredibly scenic (that’s sarcasm) I-10. In other words, I had nothing else to do. This was the most productive thing that I could come up with at the time.... But let’s face it, if you can’t laugh after you’ve cried, then what can you do...?

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