Taylor'ed Fitness...


Happy Monday to you! Please, indulge me for just one minute. I have to take a moment and brag about my older sister, Taylor. Today is the grand opening of her personal training studio, Taylor’ed Fitness!

After years of hard work and dedication she is finally watching her dreams come to fruition. I am so very proud of her! Within this past year Taylor got married , received her International Federation of Body Builders Pro Card, and now is opening up her own business! She is an amazing woman and someone that I absolutely look up to and respect.

I do hope that you will join us in celebrating the grand opening by stopping by and checking out her new studio. Taylor’ed Fitness is located at 2420 Olive Road Suite B. The Grand Opening will last from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

You can receive one free personal training session by clicking (here).

I hope you are having a great Monday! Enjoy!


Climb a Tree...


The other day while stopped at a red light at the intersection of Campus Drive and University Parkway, I noticed a student perched in a tree hanging a banner to help promote some fraternity’s event. This image of the student awkwardly balancing himself above the ground below reminded me of a trip I once embarked upon with my dear friend Mae Vaughn. We boarded a plane in Cincinnati, Ohio and headed to the land of Shakespeare, Sherwood Forest, and for one spring semester our friend Sarah.

For a week the three of us wandered the streets of London, Dublin, and Cardiff spending our nights in hostels, trains, and airports. One afternoon in the City of Cardiff’s Bute Park Arboretum on the lawn of one of Wale's grandest castles, we played a rousing game of ghost-man baseball fashioning bats out of sticks and using seedpods for balls. After the game we couldn’t resist all the trees surrounding us and decided to act like children and climb high into the branches.

I left for the trip completely unaware of what the following days would hold, and I returned home from my European adventure with a Welsh walking stick, 600 plus photos, and a week full of the most amazing memories. Just thinking of it now makes me want to go climb a tree...

I hope you are having a great weekend thus far!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!


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Norfolk, Cookies, and Helicopters...

Yesterday, LTJG Ryan Yonkman received his shiny wings of gold. As requested by his awesome wife Mary, I prepared an extra special Box of Sunshine to take to today’s celebration. Ryan and Mary are heading to Norfolk, Virginia soon, and I do believe I speak for the better half of Pensacola when I say that they will be dearly missed.

On her amazing blog tulips and flight suits, Mary is always writing helpful posts geared towards transitional couples in the military. I figured that since I spent an entire summer living in the Hampton Roads area I could help make their transition a little easier and share a list of fun Norfolk places that make me smile.

So, here it is:


As new residents in the City Norfolk, it is required that you check out both the Nauticus on Waterside Drive and the Chrysler Museum of Art. These are two key Norfolk places. Think of it as a sort of initiation into the city. While downtown, also peruse through Towne Point Park and take a picture with the Mermaids.

If you are ever feeling a little green, you should visit the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The first time I visited Norfolk a friend took me to check it out. The gardens are gorgeous! It’s a great place to spend a lazy afternoon and it may even provide some inspiration on what to plant in your new backyard.

Other forms of entertainment include the Naro Cinema on Colley. This is a fun theater. Will and I went on weekly roommate dates here. Also, Fest Events is a great site to help you keep up with all that is going on in the Hampton Roads area. Upcoming Fest Events include the Acoustic Music Festival, Harbor Party and Seafood Feast, and the Towne Point Virginia Wine Festival.


The Market at Harbor Heights was my absolute favorite grocery store, D’egg Diner is a great breakfast spot, Bodega is a wonderful little tapas place, Machismo is the best burrito bar in town, and the Freemason Abbey Restaurant and Pasha are both top notch places to have a nice dinner date.

If you ever find yourself across the bay in Hampton, make sure that you try Jason’s Deli. I wish we had one of these here in Pensacola. Everything at Jason's is so yummy and you get free ice cream! Speaking of ice cream, you absolutely must try an ice cream cone from Doumar’s Cones and Barbeque. It has been in its current location since 1934, and best of all, they have grilled cheese!  

Also, you will love, love, love the Pagoda Tea House. It is a lovely waterfront landmark that is surrounded by an oriental garden. I used to play shows here every month. It is run by the sweetest Moroccan family. When you drop in, make sure to tell Az hi for me!

Finally, you will definitely want to try the Big Easy Grill and Oyster Bar. It has New Orleans style food and a swanky little bar downstairs. It seemed that on weekend nights regardless of what we would do, we always ended up at the Big Easy.


In terms of churches, I really liked First Presbyterian Church on Colonial Avenue. A friend of mine invited me to the 9:00 contemporary service, and I ended up really enjoying it. Out of all of the churches that I attended while there, this one seemed the most like home. It is a younger congregation, an outreach focused church, and the pastor is an excellent speaker.


I think that covers most of it. Congratulations Ryan and Mary! I hope you find this useful. Pensacola isn’t going to be quite the same without you. I know that the two of you will love your time spent in Norfolk.

Also, I have posted new videos of my music which you can check out (here)...

I hope that everyone is having a  fantastic Saturday! Below I have posted a few of my favorite Norfolk photos. Enjoy!


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Ballet in the Rain...


I awoke this morning to the boom of thunder and the sound of raindrops dancing on my roof. After a long week of new adjustment, the torrential downpour outside of my window is making my bed seemingly all the more inviting.

But alas, the week is not quite over yet and my office calls me in once more. The last four days have been terrific, and if they are any indication of how the next two years will be, then I do believe I am going to thoroughly enjoy being a graduate student. But enough about that, time to grab my umbrella and rain boots. Looks like it’s going to be a ballet in the rain kind of day!

I've a tune in my mind and a smile on my face. It is Friday! Enjoy! Related Posts with Thumbnails


An Ocean and a Rock...


There are some things in life that you just love. They make you smile. They bring a warm feeling to your soul. Lisa Hannigan is one of those things for me. I don't think I ever get tired of hearing this woman sing. Shear beauty. Ever since her "amicable" breakup with Damien Rice, she's become an artist all her own. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

 Also, I uploaded new videos of my music (here)...


I hope your Thursday is going as well as you wish. Enjoy! Related Posts with Thumbnails