A Smart Thursday Evening...

Do you ever have those nights where you get off of work and just want to throw on your pajamas and head to bed? That is exactly how I was feeling last night. I got home, wanted to bake a batch of cookies for this week’s Operation Box of Sunshine, and then wanted to close my eyes and slip into REM. Completely lame, I know... Luckily, I have friends who remind me that I am in fact a twenty-something and therefore deserve the right to go out and act as so. Life doesn’t move so fast that we can’t go out and enjoy the music. So I did. Last night I went out and got Smart.             

Pensacola’s very own Smart Brothers threw a CD release party at the PLT. Not only are these guys great musicians, they are slapstick comedians as well. It was a great show full of dancing and three-part harmonies. I loved it! I have a feeling that their new album will be playing in my car for a while. 

It’s Friday!! Enjoy!

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NYC's Killing Me...

There is nothing I love more than a new tune by an old favorite. Ray LaMontagne, you never disappoint. There is something about this man’s voice that just makes me melt. I stumbled across this song the other night half forgetting that he and the Pariah Dogs just released a new album two weeks ago. Needless to say, it was a pleasant reminder.

New York City. I visited there once and had a fabulous time. The photo above is one that I took while staring out the window of the MoMA. I would abandon this humid Florida climate and head northward towards New York again. At least that is my thought process today. Lately I’ve been longing for a cool breeze, a chill in the air. I’m ready for the leaves to change colors and the spirit of autumn to linger in the wind. As the Eastern seaboard prepares for Earl to skirt along their shores, reality hits home and I am reminded that it is only the beginning of September and that we are still in the thick of hurricane season. It’ll be more than two whole months before that cool late November breeze fills the air.

I think I’ll move north... Or perhaps just listen to Ray LaMontagne.

Friday is almost here. Enjoy!

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Know Your Dinosaurs...

I was downtown the other evening with a rather charming fella I know when I ran into an old friend who was rocking a shirt that made my night. Ridiculous! Benjamin Smith, I don't know how you do it but you pull it off so well. This definitely put a smile on my face.

Another thing that makes me smile is baseball. The Little League World Series wrapped up this past Sunday and I must admit I was sad to see it end. Those kids look like rockstars out there on the field. Hawaii won it all in terms of the the U.S. championship, but Japan ended up pulling out a 4-1 victory in the international final. Little League has to be one of the greatest sports organizations ever created. So much fun!

Also, I've had a little Ra Ra Riot in my head all week (here).

I hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday. Enjoy!

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A Tuesday Remedy...

The photo above is one that I took while on a bus ride from the Czech Republic to Poland. It had been raining all that morning making the roads a slippery mess and the ride through the countryside seem somewhat dreary. It wasn't until we were just miles from our destination that the clouds parted and a rainbow filled the sky.

This past weekend here in Florida it seemed that the rain would never end. It was as if God were watering His garden we call Earth by the bucketfuls; nonstop rain for nearly three days straight. Luckily, I awoke yesterday to only partly cloudy skies and was able to fit in a mid-morning run through downtown. It was a much needed breath of fresh air.

The weekend's deluge of rain left many wishing and longing for just a glimpse of sunshine. As you've probably guessed I’m a firm believer that sunshine can come in many different forms. This past weekend my remedy to the rain came in the form of daydreams and melodies; a song I first heard some years back while on a road trip to New Orleans. One that is perfect for a rainy day.

For those of you in the area, it looks as if it is going to be gorgeous Tuesday. Here's to brighter skies ahead.





Taylor'ed Fitness...


Happy Monday to you! Please, indulge me for just one minute. I have to take a moment and brag about my older sister, Taylor. Today is the grand opening of her personal training studio, Taylor’ed Fitness!

After years of hard work and dedication she is finally watching her dreams come to fruition. I am so very proud of her! Within this past year Taylor got married , received her International Federation of Body Builders Pro Card, and now is opening up her own business! She is an amazing woman and someone that I absolutely look up to and respect.

I do hope that you will join us in celebrating the grand opening by stopping by and checking out her new studio. Taylor’ed Fitness is located at 2420 Olive Road Suite B. The Grand Opening will last from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

You can receive one free personal training session by clicking (here).

I hope you are having a great Monday! Enjoy!