(500) Days of Summer...


I was at McGuire’s last night enjoying dinner with some friends when my side of the table’s conversation turned to movies. I began trying to explain the types of movies I enjoy and finally summed it up in two words: Fox Searchlight. This division of Fox Filmed Entertainment specializes in Independent films. Some of my favorite movies; Once, Garden State, Sideways, and (500) Days of Summer are all products of Fox Searchlight Pictures.

You can imagine my excitement when I came across the music video posted below; She and Him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel are just so charming together. The film (500) Days of Summer is brilliantly presented in a post-modern nonlinear narrative. I love it. The video below is a nice complement to the movie. Kind of makes me want to dance...

Also, I have some upcoming performances scheduled. Check them out (here)!

I hope you're having a delightful day. Enjoy!


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A Tuesday Smile...

Last night I walked into Barnes & Noble to do a little end of the weekend studying and was pleasantly surprised to find a three piece band playing music next to the Newsstand Periodicals. Live music. In the bookstore. NPR informs me that Barnes & Noble is having financial difficulty, however I saw zero signs of any such troubles. Countless people were milling about the aisles reading books and enjoying the tunes. Apparently to help remedy its fourth quarter net loss of $34 million, the bookstore giant has put itself up for sale. I guess the launch of their e-bookstore wasn’t quite enough to compete with the Kindle. Regardless of the store’s financial situation, I still love my lazy evenings at B&N.

Also, to all of my Navy visitors who are still bummed about yesterday’s loss to Maryland, here’s a little something to hopefully cheer you up; M. Ward. This Portland, Oregon musician brightens up any day. He’s no win against the Terrapins, but he always makes me smile.

I hope your Tuesday is terrific one. Enjoy!


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Farewell Summer...



"The end of labor is to gain pleasure." – Aristotle


Labor Day; a date that is traditionally celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of summer. I was thinking of what to write about today and I decided to share with you a few of my favorite photos from this summer. The season seems to have flown by so quickly.

The photos below are from a variety of things; gallery nights, beach parties, air shows, camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and road trips to Texas. It’s been a fantastic time. If I had to pick a song to sum it all up, it would be... (here)

I hope that you have the day off from work to soak up the last little bit of summer. Enjoy!  


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Orchestras, Cathedrals, & Andrew Bird...

I awoke this morning with images like the one above filling my head. Visions of grand structures. Cathedrals. Towers. Castles. The photo above is one that I took a few years ago while backpacking through the Irish countryside.

I imagine that if I would have been able to enter the church from the photo above, the inside would have looked and sounded a bit like the video below. Andrew Bird is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and whistler. He is a phenomenal violinist who can create an orchestra all by himself. The acoustics of the church where this video was shot are just amazing. He creates such a lovely ensemble of sound and does it all while rocking a pair of striped socks.

I hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. Enjoy!


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Saturday Morning Benders...

Sleeping in. Mid-morning breakfasts. College football. Oh Saturday, how I do love you!

A friend of mine told me about this band a few months ago. I found this video last night, and now I am hooked. Piles of people in the studio to collaborate and create one glorious wall of sound; I love it. Also, I am getting a kick out of the fact that one of the guitar players looks like my geology professor. The song just makes me smile.

It’s a delightful day out. Enjoy!


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