Hello Again, Hurricane Season...
Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 11:50AM
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As a product of my Florida upbringing, June 1st marks a very special day in my calendar: the start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Now, I'm not one to celebrate disaster or to wish a hurricane upon any community, but I am one to preach hurricane preparedness and education about what to do in the event of an emergency.

My dad spent a good chunk of this past winter adding to and building up the seawall along our family home, knowing that it wouldn't take much of a storm-surge to cause a flooding event along Escambia Bay. Living on the water comes at a cost. Warm moist air, light winds, and water temperatures over 80 degrees fahrenheit are all of the ingredients you need to make a hurricane. For all of my Florida friends out there, be sure to visit the State of Florida's Essential Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

On a related (but nerdy-NASA-loving) note, this past December NASA launched the Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System  which will help improve hurricane forecasting by better understanding interactions between the sea and the air near the core of the storm. In addition, it will supply forecasters with an updated image of the storm every 12 minutes. Oh boy, we've come a long ways since those hurricane tracking charts every Floridian was taught to use in the 2nd grade. A long way indeed.

And what you thought was a hurricane was just a rustling of the wind... (funny to think I posted this very same thing 6 years ago. Life is just one big cycle).

Stay safe down there, y'all!


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