New Album "Virginia" Now Available
Friday, September 30, 2016 at 2:38PM
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It took nearly 3 years, but my new album "Virginia" is out today. I wanted to post the liner notes and thank yous because at the end of the day without these folks none of this would have ever happened. They're the most important part.

"Thank you to: Jeff and Denise Gallagher, Brandon Hoffman, James and Emily Adkins, Dale Paul Lazar, Marius Rosti, Taylor Gallagher, Jeff Gallagher, Jessica and Jonathan Britnell, Logan Vath, Allen Hartley, Angela Stearns, Ross Arbor, Sam Reno, Joe Jacobson, Ayla Green, Kiran Bhumber, Sarah Gergel, the late Dave Schelander (I miss and think of you all the time) and all of the other friends and family who helped and encouraged me to release this album. A HUGE special and ginormous thank you to Brett Wallace and Jessica Hunter. Brett, you made this all come together. Thanks for the multiple multi-hour face time sessions. To Riccardo Tortini: a very special thank you for your friendship, your honesty, and your quiet understanding."

Virginia is now available on all online retailers and streaming services.

I'd love you to take a listen. 


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