Near the Streets of Monterey...
Monday, June 27, 2016 at 8:22PM
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Cannery Row. John Steinbeck. Morning runs along the 101. Impromptu 2:00 am road trips. Good food. Great wine. And a wonderful group of folks who know how to make a girl feel right at home.

California, you were so so good to me.

I'll have pictures and tales from my short trip to NoCal for you soon. For now I'm here at SFO soaking in the last few moments of this California sunshine.  

I felt the song below was appropriate all things considered. Matt Costa is no stranger to these parts. 


ps: I've a track titled "Monterey" that will be one of five bonus tracks on my new Virginia EP! I'm happy to have finally visited the city Steinbeck pained in my mind so long ago.


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