Virginia the EP Coming Soon...
Monday, June 13, 2016 at 12:02PM
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I received a phone call from my dad yesterday while running (yes, I stopped running to answer his call because 1) it's my dad and I get super excited when he calls me because he literally is one of the coolest folks I know and 2) I was running and jumped at the opportunity for a break). We caught up and he inquired about my PNW/Florida adventure post I've been promising. Well, that was the nudge I needed and I can happily say I will have it up for you pictures and all... tomorrow.

In the meantime I am excited to announce that I will be releasing an EP in the coming weeks! These songs have been a long time coming. I spent Saturday afternoon stenciling, and stamping, and sketching ideas for cover art while singing my heart out to the The Staple Singers and Joe Purdy's newest album. 

More to come on all of this soon!


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