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It Hurts to Be Dancing Round Your Telephone...

ad·ven·ture: noun. an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

I feel that since Taylor's arrival (and subsequent departure) it's just been one adventure after another with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I realized today that I have a backlog of photos from the past few weeks and that I've been meaning to share. I could easily split this into three separate posts, but if you've already made it this far, you might as well just stick it out for the full summary. So here we go, allow me to explain the photos above:

Photos 1-4: Jessica returned to town last week to defend her Masters Thesis in Architecture at UBC and my oh my did she ever rock it! She's a super-star in so many ways. Between my work, finishing up her thesis project, and hosting a small army of folks for a house concert (a huge thanks to all of you who came out and tuned in via periscope), we've managed to find time to get out, catch up, and visit our favorite spots in the city. It's been so so good having her back!

Photo 5: I've decided that I must have one of the best jobs in the world. Last Thursday my lab group ventured over to Vancouver Island for a few days of ambling amongst the old growth forests. Waking to the view of the Olympic Mountains looming across the water was simply breathtaking. Complete with craft brews, home-cooked meals, guitar-filled nights of music, and great conversation, the weekend was a moment to catch our breath and forget about work for a while. 

Photos 6-8: The first stop on our tour of old growth forests was Avatar Grove. The fellas from the Ancient Forest Alliance so graciously acted as our tour guides and took us to all of the best spots on the southern portion of the island. We saw some of the burliest and gnarliest trees the continent has to offer.

Photo 9-11: Meet Big Lonely Doug. Perhaps one of the loneliest trees in all of Canada, Doug stands in the middle of a clear-cut surrounded by a field of huge stumps. The 2nd largest Douglas Fir in all of Canada this tree is unbelievably impressive. Note that the tree in photo 10 is the same one we are surrounding in photo 11. It's hard to capture its sheer magnitude of these giants in photos. It's unreal.

Photo 12: This is me in one of my happy places. Jess and I have made it down to the swings nearly every day we've both been around. Regardless of the city, I make it a point to never pass up a swing set

I feel the need to mention too in this post that today has been a true recovery day. A much needed break after all of the on-the-go adventures of late and all of the soon-to-be adventures on the horizon. It's been a slow, sleepy, semi-productive rainy Saturday at home. Jess and I have been in pajamas most of the day, albeit for the hour time slot we slipped out for a mid-afternoon breakfast and seaside swing session. Needless to say, things are getting on just famously here in the PNW.

I've spent nearly every morning for the last three weeks waking up and dancing around to the tune below. No shame in admitting that one.

Still in love. I'm still in love. Are you?


ps: special thanks to Andy, Ken and TJ Watt photography for the excellent tour and for capturing our old growth ambles on film.

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