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Something Tells Me You're Worth the Weather...


The sunshine has been quite good to me as of late, so I've been spreading it across the country. Smiling and dancing with my thoughts as it pours in through the windows and fills my apartment with the warmth I've waited patiently for all winter. A new season is on the rise and with open arms I'm welcoming the ideas, adventures, and visitors that are to come. Fare thee well, winter. I survived you.  

It's been a little over three years since I first posted the song below but it's crept back into my mind as good tunes tend to do.

I've been learning that believing and barely breaking even is just a part of life for you and me. I've been living with the lonliness it's got down in my bones I guess it's just another phase of being free. I've been learning how to lose a thing I never laid a hand on all along.

Happy weekend. Enjoy.

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