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Music Heals: Modo 8K

March is here and I have a slew of shows lined up this month starting with a radio appearance on CJSF 90.1 FM Melodies in Mind next Tuesday the 8th, a tour with James Adkins in Virginia the 9th-15th, and a show with the lovely Rowen and Kristina Lao at Skinny Fat Jacks on the 19th.

In addition to playing shows, this month I am teaming up with Music Heals to run the Modo 8k. Music Heals is a group of music enthusiasts, music lovers, and music therapists who have come together to help raise awareness of the healing powers of music. Music Heals supports a wide range of music therapy services to communities in British Columbia and across Canada.

For the Modo 8K, Music Heals has chosen to run and raise funds for the music therapy program at the Dr. Peter Centre, in Vancouver's West End. The only one of its kind in Canada, the Dr. Peter Centre is a leader in HIV care, particularly for individuals with multiple medical conditions and social barriers. I love the idea of running races to raise money and awareness for good causes. What I think is super awesome is that Music Heals will not be taking any admin fees off of donations, so 100% of the money raised will be donated! This cause is dear to me and I appreciate any and all the support given. Every little bit helps. Thanks a million :)  

If you'd like to donate, please visit the pledge page.

My beautiful friend Lydia Hol is the one who introduced me to the wonderful folks at Music Heals. She recently released a new album that is simply spectacular.



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