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2016: A Year of Music and Science...


I do hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the new year. These last few weeks I have been mulling over many things; paths, directions, ambitions, goals, and what it is that I hope to accomplish/enjoy/experience in 2016. I have all sorts of grand ideas and plans for the coming year including a new album full of tunes that I have been hoarding but am finally ready to share with the world. I've been recruiting some pretty amazing and talented people to help in this endeavor. It will be a team effort. I have also been working away on an epically long (but hopefully enjoyable) post explaining my fascination with maps and spatial patterns, how science brought me to Vancouver, and the ins and outs of my PhD research. I'm hoping to have that up for you in the coming days - it's going to be a real beast of a post. I've been etching away at it a little at a time. With my doctoral comprehensive exam only a few weeks away and the shimmer of a new record on the horizon, my 2016 is shaping up to be a year of music and science. Here is to hoping that I find that balance between. 

I am quite pleased to kick off this new year with a song that I recently wrote for the Acoustic Guitar Project

I do hope you enjoy. Hello, 2016. 

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