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Hello, Twenty-Eight...

Last year I admitted that I didn't give my birthday post much thought. This year - as you can see - I missed posting on my birthday altogether. Don't get me wrong, the day was celebrated, but the post is just now being written. Between studying for comps and crewing Riccardo on his latest 100 mile adventure, it's been a challenge to find a few quiet moments to reflect upon all that has happened in the past year. A week and a half past the actual birthday, I've finally had time to think about what I want to say in this post about turning twenty-eight.

As always, I've gone back to read the posts from this day when I turned 232425, 26, and 27. It's so entertaining to look back and read the anticipation of the unknown, now that I know what happens next. But here we are again; not knowing what this next year will hold. Twenty-seven was a year of growth, new beginnings, new perspectives, hellos, goodbyes, and adventures. It was year of new-found independence, redefining the limits, not adhering to the norm, and learning a new depth to love.

I hear that 28 is the"best" year of your twenties. Or so says this buzzfee article - so it must be true...

If twenty-eight is anything like this last year, then let's do this! I'm looking forward to all that lies ahead and enjoying each moment in the moment.

Searching for the perfect song to share with you today, I was at a bit of a loss. I decided instead to share with you a little song I wrote this year and recorded on my ipad one night in my living room while rehearsing with Colin. A testament to twenty-seven. 

As always, I can't think of my birthday without thinking of Mema. She's always been my most favorite of birthday buddies. I'm so thankful I get to share this day with her.

Alright, twenty-eight, here's to all the adventures this next year is sure to bring! Enjoy! 

ps: I've posted a little photo below from my actual birthday. Riccardo ended up winning the 100 mile trail race. It was a challenge, but he did it. We did it. I spent my first day of twenty-eight with my family supporting/cheering on my best friend; in my eyes that is the perfect way to spend any birthday.


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