Mom and Dad and the Pacific Northwest...
Monday, March 3, 2014 at 10:23PM
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These two. I can't even begin to express how elated I am to have recently had my parents up to Vancouver for a visit. It was their first trip abroad and boy could you tell. They assumed the role of tourist with the very best of them; stopping in every shop, talking to every person they saw on the bus, snapping photos of just about everything, and all around having the time of their life. It's a rare sight to see your parents revert back to childhood. It was endearing in every sense. 

This visit marked my first time ever hosting my parents in my own home. After saying our farewells and dropping my folks off at the train station, I called my eldest sister Jessica in Austin to debrief on their visit and celebrate the fact that I had reached this milestone of adulthood. We laughed and relished in this now shared experience of hosting mom and dad in our respective cities. This trip left me with a renewed perspective and appreciation of family. I absolutely love doing life with these guys. 

I've many more photos and tales to share from this trip. I promise to post more about it all soon.

Last night I saw Elephant Revival play at CBC Studios in downtown Vancouver. It was one of those concerts that as soon as the first note started playing my soul began to smile and remained in that state for the rest of the evening. I felt the need to share said soul-smiling with you. 

Deep sighs of happiness. Enjoy!


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