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The Adventures of Brandon and Mitzy...

While away visiting family and friends over the holidays, I left my car in the care of a dear friend. I was highly entertained by his photos of adventures with the Endeavor that I received throughout the break. I don't think "Mitzy" (as he so lovingly named her) had ever seen anything like the snow she experienced in the interior of British Columbia. I'm pleasantly pleased to now know that my car can handle the Canadian elements. There are so many more miles to go!

Upon my arrival back to The Great White North I was introduced to the music of the fella below. Brandon, you left your Royalwood album in my car. I've taken it hostage. It's all sorts of poppy-catchy-goodness. 

And just like that I was back to the grindstone of the PhD. I wouldn't have it any other way.



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