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Steinbeck Awaits...


Sometimes I have trouble disconnecting, shutting-down, and turning off the technological devices that constantly keep my mind occupied. One of this year's goals is to spend less time typing things like this and more time doing what I'm doing in the photo above.

I'm logging off for the night to let my mind get lost in the Salinas Valley of California.

Perhaps just one more song before I do. Iron and Wine sure does know how to pull on a girl's heartstrings. 

Steinbeck awaits. Enjoy!

ps: In case you were wondering, I found the honey that's been missing for a week. Who steals honey, right? It was underneath the sink. I didn't realize it had been transferred to a mason jar and switch to the other side of the kitchen counter. I thought it was a jar of grease; so I placed it under the sink a few days ago. No big deal? Wrong. Last week when I cooked the bacon for my potato soup I added to the jar. So... the new honey bear that now rests atop the kitchen counter is acting as a constant reminder that I should stop with this whole business of assuming.  


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