A Quarter of a Century...
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 8:01AM
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It's a funny thing writing a post for ones own birthday. Today marks one-quarter of a century. Sitting down to compose this, I find myself in the same mindset as last year; I want not to focus on the celebration of this one day, but instead on the excitement of all that the year ahead holds. There are many changes on the horizon and I can't wait to discover how the details of them all will unfold. It seems I've just so much to smile about these days. I'm fully aware that I'm one blessed little lady.

As I rounded the final corner of my run yesterday afternoon the song below began playing through my headphones. I've posted it before, but considering the the day's ocassion attaching it again was just too hard to resist. Let's hope I've no quarter-life crises in the year to come. 

Here's to looking ahead to all that twenty-five brings my way. Enjoy!


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