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Motivational Monday...

Hello again. It's been quite a long Monday. A good Monday, but a long Monday nonetheless. I started off the morning full of driven ambition, fell into a bit of a work-slump around mid-day, picked back up right about the time of class, became a whole shade brighter upon teaching my guitar kiddos, and ended on a positive note with a little motivational pick-me-up from some of my abosolutely wonderful friends. I've posted a few photos to help explain:

1: Upon reaching my car after class this evening I found a little note on my window from one lovely Jillian Sise. She's the best. Indeed it made me smile.

2: This is what I spent most of my day analyzing. Mr. Thesis, I will be oh so thrilled once you are complete.

3: I was studying in my office just last night when I looked up from my computer and saw the moon through my window rising high over the bayou. Tis a full moon this evening. So very lovely. 

I figured the full moon was a more than excellent excuse to share the delightful tunes of the Swell Season for you. They're so good.

Up next: my 3 fort weekend adventure... :) 

You've just got to love Mondays. Enjoy!


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