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Daylight, Dreams, and Des Ark...

Hello again. I hope this Monday finds you doing well. If you're like me then it still feels quite like the weekend. Speaking of, allow me to explain the photos above:

1: This is how a good portion of my Saturday afternoon was spent. Sunlight streaming through the windows, blankets pulled up tight, and articles about principal component analysis in my hand. I'm determined to get Mr. Thesis done this month. So. Determined.

2-3: Saturday evening (after some delicious grilled  fish and homemade crab cakes - thank you parents) I whipped up a batch of cookies before watching the Broncos get destroyed by the Patriots. I like Tebow just as much as any other southern girl, but there was no denying that Brady was on his game that night.

And for today a little Des Ark. This band is hopelessly joyful or perhaps joyfully hopeless. Just the right amount of melancholy to zone out and work while I listen. I've  been enjoying their tunes much of the weekend, and have quickly picked out a few favorites; like the one below.

Oh, to be perfect for the ones we love...

Praise the Lord for people who dream. Enjoy!


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