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A Tuesday Half Marathon Report...

As I've previously mentioned (here), this past weekend was the Pensacola Marathon. I awoke Sunday morning, laced up my sneakers, and headed to historic downtown Pensacola to participate in the half marathon. At the starting line I met up with my training partners, Fritz and Amber (go team GIS!) along with my dear friend Reid who kept me company for the entire race. It was a long and arduous 13.1, but it was well worth every bit mile. 2:08:40; that's nearly six minutes faster than my previous record. I am quite pleased.

Before the start of the race I told Reid that somewhere around mile 7 I may need him to start singing a tune or two to help keep me motivated. As we approached the water station at the half-way point the song below was blaring through the speakers near the water table. Reid looked over at me and said, " I do believe I promised you a song, Ms. Tanya." I just smiled knowing that we were going to make it just fine.

It's been a long Tuesday. Enjoy!


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