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Movie Trailers...

I’m a sucker for movie trailers. I oftentimes find myself walking into a theater and getting really excited about watching the previews. By the time I get done viewing the sequence of forthcoming film clips, I often am no longer excited to see the movie that I just paid 9 dollars to come and watch. If I could pay that same money to just watch two hours of movie trailers on the big screen, I probably would.

This will explain why when I stumbled upon this movie trailer a few months ago, I thought it was brilliant!  I’ve probably viewed it at least 30 times already and have shown it to half a dozen or so of my friends. Nicole says that it’s the music that makes it, but I think it’s all about the concept. It’s genius!

So go fix yourself a bowl of popcorn, pull up a comfy seat, and enjoy!

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