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Climb a Tree...


The other day while stopped at a red light at the intersection of Campus Drive and University Parkway, I noticed a student perched in a tree hanging a banner to help promote some fraternity’s event. This image of the student awkwardly balancing himself above the ground below reminded me of a trip I once embarked upon with my dear friend Mae Vaughn. We boarded a plane in Cincinnati, Ohio and headed to the land of Shakespeare, Sherwood Forest, and for one spring semester our friend Sarah.

For a week the three of us wandered the streets of London, Dublin, and Cardiff spending our nights in hostels, trains, and airports. One afternoon in the City of Cardiff’s Bute Park Arboretum on the lawn of one of Wale's grandest castles, we played a rousing game of ghost-man baseball fashioning bats out of sticks and using seedpods for balls. After the game we couldn’t resist all the trees surrounding us and decided to act like children and climb high into the branches.

I left for the trip completely unaware of what the following days would hold, and I returned home from my European adventure with a Welsh walking stick, 600 plus photos, and a week full of the most amazing memories. Just thinking of it now makes me want to go climb a tree...

I hope you are having a great weekend thus far!

Happy Birthday, Sarah!


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