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A Tuesday Melody...

Last month I drove out to Austin, Texas to visit my lovely sister Jessica at her swanky Residence at the Domain apartment that overlooks a Starbucks and an Apple Store. As I peered out the window of her third floor apartment, I noticed a new addition to the row of shops below: Anthropologie. Now I had heard great things about this store, but had never entered one myself. Needless to say I was giddy to head down and check it out. As I entered the store I smiled back to the young red-headed sales clerk, Hilary, and began to take in all that is Anthropologie. As I was perusing through their selection of dresses I heard a voice singing through the speakers overhead. I immediately stopped and asked Jessica if she knew the artist singing the song. She gave me her all too familiar “give me a minute” face and busted out her iPhone 4 to shazam the tune.

Melody Gardot...

As soon as we were back in the apartment I jumped on iTunes and downloaded the song. It’s smooth and jazzy, reminiscent of the greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, and Nina Simone. I love it.

I’ve deemed it the perfect song for a Tuesday. Enjoy!


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