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Silver Lining...

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. We hope for life to go right and it takes a sharp left turn. We wish for one thing and it never shows up. We hope to set sail on our dreams and our boat subsides. It’s seems that this week has been filled with these moments. Not the most pleasant of feelings. It’s arduous and tiring. The flame of hope dwindles down to a flicker.

I was thinking about this on my drive home this evening and it reminded me of an email I sent some time ago to someone I love. I wrote about how I sometimes feel like a ballerina in a jewelry box just spinning around in the daytime until the music stops and the box is closed and I sleep until some unseen hand opens it again and the light shines in the next morning. 

It was a long email. I love long emails. Anyhow, it went on to say:

“I was driving to the library this afternoon admiring the thousand different shades of gray that filled the sky when I finally saw the silver lining. I mean I actually saw it! It really wasn’t silver; it was more of a gold-ish/white glow. I had to stop looking at it. I had to stop because, for one, I was driving and caught myself swerving into the other lane (which luckily no one was occupying), and two the light was blinding me. It’s funny now because as I stare out the window of the 3rd floor at UWF’s library, I no longer see it. The darkness of night has crept in and swallowed the sun for the day. Perhaps tomorrow the sun will reappear and the skies will be blue, if so I may not see my silver lining again for days, perhaps weeks. It was nice to see it peeking through though. It made me smile. It made me think of a time when I was little playing hide-and-seek or just on mornings when I was really tired and didn’t want to get out of bed, I’d have the cover over my head and my dad would peak under and let the light from the ceiling fan fill my eyes underneath. That’s what it reminded me of; my Father taking a peak under the blanket of clouds just to check in and see how I was doing and to finally wake me up for the day. He was opening my box so that I could spin around for the sunlight hours, before the music stops and my box is closed for bedtime.”

So though life may be hectic at times and things may not go your way, there’s still hope in the silver lining. It may not come around for some time, but it will shine again...

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