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Drive. Run. Pray...

It’s amazing how forgetful I am sometimes. Not in an, “Oh, I forgot to pick up my dry cleaning or forgot I had an appointment today...” sort of way, but in a BIG way; in a, “Some things are just so awesome they should never be forgotten” sort of way. Well, I’m just me. And I forget sometimes. I take things for granted, but life always has a way of coming back around to remind me at the most (and sometimes the least) opportunistic moments that there certain things in life that are too important to be pushed to the wayside.

I was driving out to UWF last night to meet a friend for a run. I love night drives down open roads. I was listening to Kings of Leon just enjoying one of those moments. Those moments that you wish could go on forever, but you soon realize that the road isn’t long enough and your turn is at the next light. It was in this moment that things became a little clearer to me. Only for a split second, but clearer nonetheless. I came to the realization that prayer is the most powerful tool with which I am equipped. So simple, right? I know I should know this, but sometimes... I forget. I take for granted the power of prayer. And it hit me. In the plainest of moments; driving in my car jamming out to KOL.  Odd how things have a way of bringing themselves up. Mid-lyric I stopped and was just like, “Wow, you’re right! Hmmh. I forgot. Thanks for reminding me.”

Hope you’re having a great week. Enjoy! Related Posts with Thumbnails

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