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The Tourist Classic....

So, we all have them. You know, that photo from your last family vacation, the one of you smiling wide while standing in front of the Grand Canyon; or that picture of you posing in front of a castle (a real castle!) from the first time you ever traveled abroad; or that one of you and your friend with that random person that you met that time you took that trip to that place that you still brag about to this day... That picture. The one that demonstrates the culmination of all of your enthusiasm and excitement captured by the camera. You know the photo: The Tourist Classic.

We all have them. And if you’re like me, you have multiple (tons) of them of you and friends standing in front of a hundred different places. These ‘tourist’ photos are infectious. They’re timeless. I've come to just embrace this artistic style of photography. This is why I was stoked when I received an email from my good friend Fritz entitled, “I thought you’d appreciate this one...” I opened the email and attached was a photo of him and his beautiful fiancé posed on the roof of some Virginian building exhibiting (you guessed it) The Tourist Classic. I do believe that he had the photo labeled as “The Tanya Classic,but let’s face it; The Tourist Classic is such a better title.

I’ve attached some Tourist Classics below.

 Feel free to share your Tourist Classic photos too.


 Happy Friday! Enjoy! Related Posts with Thumbnails

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