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Faith Like a Child...

Good Monday to you! I hope your weekend was a relaxing one. My days have been spent smiling with the people I love. I realize I have recently become nothing short of a big kid. The most basic of activities have once again become entertaining; jump rope, wiffle ball, M*A*S*H, catch.

Last week some friends and I introduced our friend Oscar to the elementary school game M*A*S*H. It turns out that he is going to grow up to become a grouch, marry Nicole, have 12 daughters all named Jesus, drive an El Camino, have a pet iguana, live on base, and honeymoon in Mexico. We laughed and laughed at the outcome. Oh, to be a kid again.

Some may deem finding joy in the most simple of games immature, but I call it having faith like a child...

I have posted below some photos of my recent string of child-like activities.

I hope your day is fantastic. Enjoy!




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